EPX300 Portable Hardness Tester with Wireless printing Durometer Impact Device D

EPX300 Portable Hardness Tester with Wireless printing Durometer Impact Device D

Model No.︰EPX300


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 625 / Piece

Minimum Order︰1 Piece

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Product Description

Leeb Hardness Tester with Wireless printer EPX300 Impact Device D


The tester measuring principle is physically a

rather simple, dynamic hardness tester.

An impact body with a hard metal test tip is

propelled by spring force against the surface of

the test piece. Surface deformation takes place

when the impact body hits the test surface,

which will result in loss of kinetic energy.

The energy loss is calculated by velocity

measurements when the impact body is at a

precise distance from the surface for both the

impact and rebound phase of the test. The permanent magnet in the

impact body generates an induction voltage in

the single coil of the impact device. The

voltage of the signal is proportional to the

velocity of the impact body, and signal

processing by the electronics provides the

hardness reading for display and storage.



1,Small, light and portable.

2,Most suitable for testing of heavy, big or outdoor metal parts.

3,Wireless printing.

4,Conforms to the Standard ASTM A956 , DIN 50156



● Display Range 0 ~ 999HLD

● Accuracy : ±6 HL(at 800HLD)

● Resolution : 1 (HL,HV,HB, HSD , MPa ); 0.1(HRC,HRB)

● Impact Energy : 11 Nmm

● Mass of Impact Body : 5.5g

● Test Tip : Φ3mm tungsten carbide ball

● Power : 3 *1.5V AAA Batteries

● Operating Temperature : 0°C~+50°C (32°F~122°F)

● Storage Temperature : -10°C~+60°C (14°F~140°F)

● Dimensions : 150*80*24mm(Display unit), Impact length

● Weight : Approx.200g(display unit)

Impact device 75g(Type D), 50g (Type DC)

● Conforms to Standard : ASTM A956 & DIN50156



Display Unit, Impact Device D,

Test Block,

Mini-printer, Charger,

Little Support Ring,

Cleaning Brush

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Packing︰ Export carton

Lead Time︰ 5 days

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