Coating Film Thickness Gauge Meter Automotive Car Paint HD color-screen WT2110

Coating Film Thickness Gauge Meter Automotive Car Paint HD color-screen WT2110

Model No.︰WT2110


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 80 / Piece

Minimum Order︰10 Piece

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Product Description

This product is a color-screen portable coating thickness gauge with high-definition display, which can quickly, non-destructively and accurately measure non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrates and non-metallic coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal substrates. At the same time it can automatically identify magnetic metal substrate and non-magnetic metal substrate, and is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing areas.



1.Menu operation and color-screen HD display.

2.Thickness measurement of non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate surface and non-metallic coating on non-magnetic metal substrate .
3.Two measurement methods: single measurement, continuous measurement.
4.Three calibration modes: basic, offset, zero calibration.
5.Metric/imperial unit and storage function.
6.Screen rotation, charge protection,  multi-interface displays, screen brightness selection.
7.Automatic shutdown.



Measurement range 0~1500um/0~59mil/0~1.5mm
Resolution ( 0.1μm(<100μm),1μm(≥100μm))/0.1mil/0.001mm
Measurement error ≤150μm      ±5μm
>150μm       ±(3%H+1μm)
Minimum diameter of magnetic metal substrate 12mm
Minimum thickness of magnetic metal substrate 0.5mm
Minimum radius of curvature for magnetic convex substrate 2mm
Minimum radius of curvature for magnetic concave substrate 11mm
Minimum diameter of non-magnetic metal substrate  50mm
Minimum thickness of  non-magnetic metal substrate 0.5mm
Battery 3x1.2V NiMH battery (weight 36.5g) or 5V 1A power adapter 
Size 70.30*38.6*149.59mm
Weight 136.9(including battery)

Price Terms︰ FOB Shenzhen

Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union/Paypal

Packing︰ Export carton

Lead Time︰ 2 days

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